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The Marine Unit is based at Viking Park in Jarrow, Sergeant Suzanne Crossley leads a team of ten Neighbourhood officers  covering five areas from Berwick to Borders of Durham and provides a specialist search capacity that can assist Investigators and Police Search Advisors in areas  not readily accessible to land based searches, as well as other partners.  We also have an International Diving school where we train officers from across the country and other blue light agencies in various disciplines relating to water

Marine officers are Licensed Search Officers offering a high level of search assurance to the force on land, water and within confined space environments.

Police divers are underwater investigators, and an essential resource in the fight against crime, missing person enquiries and security operations.

We search in a manner that provides confidence and integrity in how the search has been conducted. Bodies, weapons, property and evidence recovered from the water are as forensically and evidentially reliable had they been recovered on land.

We search in areas you may have discounted as un-searchable.

We dive, wade or surface boat search in any marine environment. Boat searches can be enhanced using side scan sonar technology to identify targets underwater.

We search confined space environments such as drains, culverts and sewers using specialist equipment and breathing apparatus.

We train alongside our Dog Section, enhancing a search by putting cadaver dogs in the marine environment, offering a high level of assurance to bereaved families.

We can conduct marine counter terrorism searches on vessels within the regions Ports.


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 Emergency Response

Although we are not considered a first response rescue resource, we possess unique skills and equipment that prove invaluable in water and flooding incidents.

We train alongside the other emergency services to provide integration in the rescue and recovery phase of water based incidents.

We have fast response vessels to respond to any maritime incident or emergency or to convey specialist resources.

Marine Crime and Disorder

We can advise and assist with marine related crime and disorder within our regions rivers, harbours, marinas and coastline. We have officers working within the water areas :

PC 852 Bulmer/ 987 Green

Port of Tyne / River Wear

PC 1476 Young / 2195 Todd

Whitley Bay North / Port of Tyne

PC 2473 Inskip / 2535 Cullen

Port of Amble / Port of Berwick

PC 1084 Sewell / 8293 Spedding

Port of Tyne / South Tyneside

PC 2943 Wilson / 1351 Harvey

Kielder / Rivers and Waterway


We work very closely with partner agencies such as the regions Port Authorities, Coastguards, Fire and Rescue, Mountain Rescue, Border Agency and RNLI.