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Call Handling Policy

Dated: 10 Sep 2013


POLICY TITLE: Call Handling Policy


AUTHOR: Chief Superintendent (Communications Department)

CONTACT DETAILS: 101 Ext. 68050

AIM OF POLICY: To provide the public with an effective and efficient contact management process, which embraces the concept of customer focus and tailors the access offered and the service provided to users’ actual needs and expectations

BENEFIT OF POLICY: Supports the aims of the QoSC (Quality of Service Commitment) to improve the level of service given to members of the public and to ensure the same high quality of service whenever they contact the police and to increase customer satisfaction.

REASON FOR POLICY: Northumbria Police is committed to the aims of Citizen Focus and the QoSC, as highlighted in the National Policing Plan 2005-2008 and this commitment includes all contact  from members of the public. The aims have since been repeated in the National Contact Management Strategy (2010) and the Cabinet Office Channel Strategy Guidance document (2009).


When handling public requests for service or advice, Northumbria Police will deal with all calls promptly and ‘in accordance’ with National Call Handling Standards by:

  • Giving priority to genuine emergency calls and processing them in line with best practice.

  • Processing less urgent calls in a consistent and appropriate manner.

  • Operating a Single Call Resolution Model in which callers are answered by trained and knowledgeable operators, who will endeavour to resolve calls at the first point of contact within a single call.

Northumbria Police will provide clear guidance to all staff within the force on how to deal with callers in line with the above standards.

This is linked directly to the force targets on answering emergency calls, non-emergency calls and attendance / resolution times for all incidents.

This policy refers to the following forms of contact:

  • 999 calls (including the 999-text service)

  • 101 and other non emergency calls

  • Direct Dial inwards (DDI)

  • SMS (community text messaging)

  • E-mail

  • Minicom (Textphone)

  • On line reporting

  • Facsimile

  • Internal calls

This will be achieved by following the procedures within the Northumbria Police Call Handling Plan.

SOURCE DOCUMENT: National Contact Management Principles and Guidance (Channel Strategy)



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