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We have designed this website to be user-focused, and to make it as easy as possible to find out what’s going on in Northumbria Police as well as what we’re doing to make your community safe.

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The navigation bar at the top of each page should enable you to find information on most aspects of the force's work and each page also contains a breadcrumb trail - to show you where you are within each section and allow you to quickly move to a higher level of the section of website you are in.

On this page, the breadcrumb trail can be seen above, and says:

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There is also a full site map to help you find you way around. In addition, we aim to make this website as usable and accessible as possible, and currently target WAI WCAG 1.0 Priority Two (AA) compliance.

If you would like to suggest any changes or improvements which we can make to provide an even more effective service, feel free to contact us using the feedback link.

This website is managed by the Web Services Team of Northumbria Police, which is part of Corporate Communications.