Laptop Theft Crime Prevention

This is a storyboard transcript to complement the laptop theft crime prevention video.

A typical student working on his laptop

As students you will own something of value such as mobile phones, laptops or i-pods and mp3 players. But do you keep them safe?

A laptop left on a desk next to an open window.

Sometimes we make it too easy for thieves to steal our things because we become distracted and don’t follow basic safety advice.

An opportunist thief spots a laptop next to an open window.

If we leave something on view and leave a window or door open a thief walking past will take the opportunity to take it.

A thief makes off with a laptop left on a desk.

It only takes a couple of seconds before it’s too late.  And remember, it’s not just the item you’ve lost but think of all the personal information or course work you could lose.

A window being closed and locked.

By following a few simple safety tips you can look after your belongings. Always close and lock a window before you go out and make sure cash and valuables cannot be seen from the outside.

A list of crime prevention tips.

Remember to take care of it before someone else does:

  • Lock windows and doors before you go out

  • Make sure valuables or cash can't be seen from outside

  • Keep keys out of reach of windows and doors

  • Close curtains and set light timers if you go out at night

  • Don’t let strangers into the building

  • Register your valuables for free at