Finding somewhere to live

At University you may have the option to stay in the universities halls of residence or choose to stay in private rented accommodation.
You should always seek advice from the University’s Accommodation Office.
Key advice when choosing private accommodation.

  • Use an accredited landlord – recommended by the University or Local Authority.

  • Don’t assume because someone shares your cultural background they are more trustworthy

  • Remember the cheapest is not necessarily the best, it will probably be in a poor area, may be in a bad state of repair and could have a high crime rate.

  • Always check the location and accommodation before you sign up.

  • Make sure:
    Good Area – clean / well lit
    Accessible – public transport links – bus/metro
    Door/window  locks  – secure
    Smoke detectors

  • Visit the property with someone – never go alone, have a walk around the area to see if you feel safe.

  • Speak to your friends and course-mates

  • Make sure you have a rental agreement and read it carefully; including the small print before you sign it. It is not legally binding till you sign it.

  • Get a receipt for any money paid as a deposit

  • Do not give out your bank details – get advice from your student services before you give out personal information.

Below are some Internet links to University Accommodation

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