Keeping your credit card safe

Don't let your card out of your sight. Guard your card when making a transaction

Carefully discard receipts from card transactions to prevent others from acquiring information about you and your cards.

Check you receipts against your statements and if you find an unfamilar transaction contact your card issuer immediately.

Never write down you Personal Identification Number (PIN) and never disclose it to anyone, even if they claim to be from your card issuer or the police.

Report lost or stolen cards to your card issuer immediately. The 24-hour emergency number is on your last statement or call directory enquiries on 192.

Sign any new cards as soon as they arrive. Ensure that you cut up the old card as soon as the new ones become valid.

Don't keep your cheque book with your cards.

Never leave cards unattended and keep your bag or briefcase on your lap when using public transport.

At work keep your bag and other personal belongings locked in a cupboard or drawer.

When using a cash machine

Be aware of your surroundings.

Shield your Personal Identity Number (PIN) from people near you.

Only kep in your PIN when prompted by the cash machine.

Never tell anybody your PIN - not even the bank or the police.

Never accept help from strangers at the cash machine.

Cancel your card immediately if it is retained by the cash machine, lost or stolen.

DO NOT write down your PIN and keep it with your card.