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Motorcycle security

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  • The more security on your motorbike the better. A combination of mechanical and electronic security measures is a good start, making sure the products have been tested. A good guide is to use items marked Sold Secure. Check the Sold Secure website.

  • A wide variety of different locks can be used, such as chains or padlocks, disc locks and D-locks. The most important thing is to secure your motorbike to something solid, which can't be moved, and to have a combination of security measures fitted.

  • Try to make your motorbike less desirable by marking various parts with identification numbers such as the VIN, registration number or your postcode. This also helps with recovery if it is stolen and later found.

  • Always take your keys with you when you leave your motorbike, even for a short time. If you have security devices fitted, always use them.

  • If possible, try to leave your motorbike in specifically built parking spaces with stands or loops to secure it to. When not using your motorbike remember to use your security devices and, if possible, use a garage and consider using ground anchors. For more advice see the Home Office publication, ‘Steer clear of bike crime’.