Roads Policing

Roads policing impacts on all critical areas of police business. Northumbria Police aim to provide a visible road policing presence and share the vision of the Association of Chief Police Officers to provide a “safe and secure environment for all road users”.

Our officers work towards the priorities set out by the national Road Policing Plan 2011 – 2015 to:

  • Reduce road casualties
  • Disrupt criminality
  • Counter terrorism
  • Combat anti-social use of the roads
  • Increase public confidence and reassurance

Road Safety Advice

Road Safety

We proactively target drivers or riders who pose a risk to other road users; to reduce Read more...

Operation Dragoon

Operation Dragoon logo

Operation Dragoon is a roads policing operation aimed at targeting dangerous drivers. Read more...

Road Sense Common Sense

Road Sense

Road Sense Common Sense is a one hour long, short film and live speaker performance. Read more...

Kids Road Safety

Kids road safety

As part of our road safety initiative Operation Dragoon, we have created lesson plans and resources for young children. Read more...

Stop Being Silly

Stop Being Silly

In July this year we teamed up with a class of ten year old pupils from Shaftoe Trust Primary School Read more...

Drink/Drug Driving

A mobile phone being used at the wheel

What happens when you drink alcohol and why does it make driving dangerous? Find out here. Read more...