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Gifts and Gratuities

Can I view the register of gifts and hospitality provided to senior personnel?

Yes - a full list is available here > > >

Chief Officer Expenses

These are the expenses, inclusive of VAT, for the current calendar year, 2014.

Please select the month from the list for a detailed breakdown:

Chief Constable expenses

Chief Constable Sue Sim

January 2014 | March 2014 | April 2014 |

Deputy Chief Constable expenses

Deputy Chief Constable Steve Ashman

January 2014 | March 2014 |

Assistant Chief Constable expenses

Assistant Chief Constable Jo Farrell

No expenses in 2014 | 

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Gary Calvert

January 2014 | March 2014 |

Assistant Chief Officer expenses

Assistant Chief Officer Bernie McCardle

No expenses in 2014