Extra patrols and arrests in North Shields

14 Nov 2017 13:00 PM

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Extra patrols and arrests in North Shields.

On 23rd of October, police were alerted to an incident that took place in North Shields on Waterville Road where a man and woman were attacked by a group.

The incident occurred around 5.30pm that evening and now police have arrested seven people in relation to the incident; two females aged 16 and 18 years and five males one aged 13, two aged 14 and two aged 16 years. All have been charged with the offence of violent disorder and further tenancy enforcement work has also been carried out between Police and the council in relation to those charged.

Police are still trying to trace the man and women who were attacked and urge anyone with any information regarding this incident to make contact with Northumbria Police quoting reference number 904 23/10/17.

There has been a recent increase in disorder in the area involving groups of youths which has resulted in extra police patrols on the estate.

On Sunday 5th of November a firework was thrown at police officers which led to a 19-year-old man being arrested and charged with a public order offence.

Northern Neighbourhood Inspector Michelle Caisley said: “This kind of behaviour is unacceptable and impacts on the lives of those living on the estate.

“It will not be tolerated and robust action will be taken against anyone involved in any incidents of crime or anti-social behaviour.

“Police are already and will continue to work together with partners using all powers available to tackle those involved and encourage anyone who is experiencing any issues to contact their local neighbourhood team.”