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News Release

Making Cramlington's roads safer

Dated: 01 Feb 2012

CSO Kristy Cole, PC John Caisley and Cllr Wayne Daley with the new speed gun © Northumbria Police

Police in Cramlington are stepping up the battle against speeding motorists.

Following concerns by local residents officers have been carrying out roadside speed operations throughout the area, looking to put the brakes on speeding drivers.

Recent action focused on the Station Road, Horton Drive, the B1326 Cramlington East, Fountainhead Bank and Northumbrian Road as areas where people have reported concerns.

Cramlington PC John Caisley said: "Speeding and road safety is a priority for the Cramlington Neighbourhood Team

"Officers are out on the roads checking for speeding and anti-social drivers and taking action against anyone found driving dangerously.

"We want road users to know that speeding and dangerous driving will not be tolerated and that if they choose to break the speed limits and put people's lives at risk they face being punished."

Cramlington North County Councillor Wayne Daley is happy to support the action and has funded a state-of-the-art speed checking device for the officers to use.

The Unipar SL700 was funded through Cllr Daley's Member Small Scheme Allowance.

He said: "The vast majority of motorists respect the speed limits but throughout Cramlington residents have raised concerns about hot spots for speeding. I am confident this device will help make our roads safer and give local people the chance to ask for help in dealing with issues they have.

"I am impressed that the police will be looking as much at advice and guidance to motorists while using this equipment as they are at dealing with serious speed offences through penalty notices.

"I hope that residents in Cramlington will support police to ensure their local roads are made safer.

"I have also had massive support for this from local schools including Northburn Primary".

Officers will be carrying out roadside operations in the coming weeks all across the Cramlington area.