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News Release

Appeal after series of bike thefts

Dated: 01 Feb 2012

Police are reminding cyclists to secure their bikes after a number of thefts in the Jesmond area of Newcastle.

Over the weekend bikes were stolen from the rear yards of a houses in Lonsdale Terrace and Osborne Road, while a bike was stolen from a garden in Ashleigh Grove.

At 2.30pm on Monday, January 30, it was reported to police that a bike outside a house at Hazelwood Avenue had been stolen.

And between 12.45pm and 1pm on Monday, a bike secured in the street at Hutton Terrace was stolen. On this occasion the bike was stolen after the bike lock was cut through.

The offenders are both white and were wearing bulky clothing and had their hoods up. They would have looked unusual because they would have been carrying the bike, which is black in colour with red and white graphics, as the entire seat had been removed by its owner when leaving it secure in the street.

The offenders left the scene at Hutton Terrace and walked towards Portland Terrace.

Police are appealing for information and reminding cyclists to be vigilant.

Neighbourhood Inspector Louise Cass-Williams said: "It's vital bike owners make sure their property is secure. This includes locking it to an immovable object, even if leaving it only for a few seconds, and using a D-lock rather than a chain.

"Bikes are often stolen from people's gardens and yards, so when it's unattended around their own property people should still lock it, even when it's inside the shed or garage.

"Unfortunately opportunist thieves will take advantage if they see a bike insecure and unattended. It's important people follow advice to keep their property safe.

"We've been running an operation to ensure cyclists have security information to prevent further offences and to identify suspects and make arrests. This operation will continue to target those responsible and have them dealt with appropriately."

Any witnesses or anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 ext 69191, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.