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News Release

'Special' effort to help elderly resident

Dated: 02 Feb 2012

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A Northumberland Special Constable who went beyond the call of duty to help a Newbiggin pensioner has been praised for his actions.

When the call came in from an elderly resident on Newbiggin Front Street that water was pouring in through her ceiling and she couldn't get through to an emergency plumber or her landlord, local Special Constable Andy Hilton was sent to see if he could help.

And instead of just ringing a plumber on the pensioner's behalf, Special Constable Hilton helped the woman to find a plumber, checked there were no electrics nearby which could create a danger and managed to turn off the water at the mains to stop the leak.

He then made sure the central heating was turned on to keep the pensioner warm and even ensured she had a kettle full of water so she didn't become dehydrated while she waited for the plumber.

Northumberland Chief Inspector Peter Reeve said: "This is a great example of the work our officers are doing every day - going the extra mile to help our communities.

"Special Constables are highly valued members of our policing family and provide great support to our neighbourhood teams and 24/7 officers.

"Strictly speaking this was not a police matter but when an elderly resident contacted us in distress Special Constable Hilton did everything he could to ensure the woman was safe, warm and secure in her home.

"She contacted us saying how pleased she was at the officer's efforts."