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News Release

Neighbourhood action in Blyth

Dated: 06 Feb 2012

Police in Blyth have been taking action against anti-social behaviour in the town.

During December the Neighbourhood Policing Team received a number of reports of youths knocking on the windows of residents' homes  in Bader Court and Nixon Terrace, upsetting householders.

CSOs Caroline Muter and Wayne Turnbull took action by increasing patrols in the area and reassuring them residents. They also carried out a leaflet drop to homes asking who was causing problems.

As a result officers were given the names of three local youths believed to be responsible. The youngsters were visited and spoken to in front of their parents and the anti-social behaviour in the area has since stopped.

CSO Muter said: "This shows our commitment to stamping out anti-social behaviour in Blyth. The residents had a problem and didn't know whether or not it was a police matter. In the end someone got in touch with us and we took action.

"We spent time in Bader Court and Nixon Street and spoke to the people in the area. As a result we were able to identify three young boys who had been causing the problems.

"We spoke to them, explained to them the consequences of what they were doing and warned them about their future behaviour.

"Since then we've had no problems reported in the area. I'd urge anyone with any concerns about anti social behaviour where they live to contact police and speak to officers."