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News Release

Educating under 18s about fake ID

Dated: 09 Feb 2012

D2 08/02/12 Fake ID

Police are reminding under 18s it's illegal for them to use fake ID and go out drinking in Whitley Bay. 

Officers from Whitley Bay Neighbourhood Policing Team have been visiting high schools and reminding students not to break the law.

Inspector Jim Gray said: "We're aiming the message at students who are studying for their A levels, but are still underage. 

"Attempting to get into pubs or clubs with ID that you know includes false information, or belongs to someone else, is an offence. You will have it confiscated by the police and can be arrested and end up with a criminal record.

"Young people may not be aware that they're committing an offence and could fall foul of the law and end up with a criminal record. This can have a lasting effect on a young person's career, and damage their future prospects."

Posters reminding the teenagers of this are going up on school noticeboards and neighbourhood officers are talking to teachers and giving students a presentation to make them aware of the issues involved.

Insp Gray added: "We know that children who drink also make themselves vulnerable to becoming involved in anti-social behaviour or to become victims of crime themselves. This is why we take this matter so seriously and are aiming to educate young people about the dangers."

Pictured PC Caroline Brown with Year 13 students from Monkseaton High School during the presentation.