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News Release

Pub safety scheme in Bedlington

Dated: 08 Feb 2012

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Police in Bedlington are working with local pubs and bars to keep the area safe.

Bedlington Neighbourhood Inspector Karen Murray and the local neighbourhood team have been working with the owners and staff in local pubs to try and crackdown on night time anti-social behaviour and alcohol related disorder.

Visits have been carried out to a number of establishments in the town and meetings have been held with the licencees and staff to discuss what can be done to make the area safer.

Insp Murray said: "Recently there has been a number of incidents inside licensed premises in Bedlington and I think it's important that we reassure the community about what is being done about it.

"We have a close relationship with those that run the pubs and bars in the area and they know that we are there to support them.

"We meet with staff regularly to discuss any issues or incidents and to also share information with them about what's going on in the area. We provide crime prevention advice, support when incidents do take place and also help oversee the PubWatch scheme that we have set up in the area.

"There is no place for violent behaviour or disorder in Bedlington and we will continue to take a hard line against the minority who think it's acceptable to drink too much and cause problems.

"This is a view that is supported by the staff and owners of the pubs in Bedlington and by working together we will tackle the problem."

The PubWatch scheme currently has 18 premises signed up across the whole of Bedlington.
It links all of the pubs with officers and allows them to share information and spread the word about troublesome customers quickly.

Anyone found to be responsible for trouble, drunkenness, damage or other criminal offences faces being banned from all of the pubs on the scheme.

Officers in the area will continue to be carrying out high profile patrols around the pubs and bars in Bedlington on Friday and Saturday nights.