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News Release

Weather warning to motorists and pedestrians

Dated: 09 Feb 2012

Police car lights.

Police are warning motorists and pedestrians to take extreme care as freezing rain is causing hazardous conditions.

Overnight frost has led to slippery conditions on many roads with black ice in some places.

The cold weather is expected to continue leading to widespread icy conditions.

Drivers should take extra care and remain on major routes where possible.

Chief Inspector Sarah Pitt, of Northumbria Police's Operations Command, said: "Rain is falling but freezing as soon as it hits the road surface.

"This is leading to very icy conditions and we would advise motorists to drive slowly and be mindful of this, even on roads that have been gritted.

"All areas are potentially hazardous in these conditions. Drivers should moderate their speed, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front as stopping distances are longer on wet and icy roads, and they should try not to brake sharply."