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News Release

Survey shows people feel safer

Dated: 15 Feb 2012

Almost all residents say they feel safe living in North Tyneside - according to latest survey results.

Results reveal 92% of people agree that police can be relied on to sort out a problem and over 80% agree that the police in their local area talk to people to keep in touch with what's going on.

Survey results show that 96% of residents who took part in the survey say they feel safe living in North Tyneside.

The Safer Communities Survey was carried out between April and December last year and 1,256 people across the borough were questioned. They were asked about their perceptions on how safe they felt and what they thought about Neighbourhood Policing Teams and the work of the local authority. Three-quarters of respondents agreed that the police and local council are dealing with the anti-social behaviour (ASB) and crime issues that matter in their area.

Chief Superintendent Steve Neill, North Tyneside Area Commander said: "This is a very positive response and shows that local officers are meeting the needs of their local community which is very important to us.  Some 82% of respondents said they think the police in their area do a good or excellent job.

"We are pleased that 96% of residents asked also see our officers as approachable.  These findings give us a solid foundation to work on to continue to seek improvements to the high quality police service we currently deliver.

"We also work very closely with North Tyneside Council in a number of areas, particularly dealing with ASB, an issue which if not robustly tackled can blight the lives of families. This is why we consistently work together to prioritise these types of incidents and take effective action."

People surveyed were also asked about their perceptions of North Tyneside Council and again the response was very positive. Of those questioned 72% agreed the council are helpful if you report a problem to them.  And 69% agreed the council can be relied on to sort out problems related to ASB.

North Tyneside Elected Mayor Linda Arkley said: "We know that North Tyneside is a safe place to live but it’s vital that our residents actually feel safe too, that’s why these results are such encouraging news.

"We have a strong partnership approach in this borough aimed at reducing crime and the fear of crime, however, no one is complacent. We’ll continue to use all powers available in the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour."

Over the last quarter (October to December 2011) 453 people were surveyed in North Tyneside and one in four said there was a problem they felt should be tackled by police as a priority.  Of these nearly a quarter, some 23% said they were concerned about young people being drunk, rowdy or a nuisance. Another 13% cited speeding or dangerous driving as the next biggest concern followed by 12% who raised inconsiderate parking as a priority.

Chief Supt Neill added: "These survey results provide us with an insight into the concerns of local people and we will make sure we take note of the issues raised when we plan how best to use our police resources.

"Our key responsibility is to reduce crime and disorder, keep our communities safe and to continue to deliver the top class policing service our residents deserve."