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News Release

Keep your bike secure

Dated: 14 Feb 2012

Police in Whitley Bay are reminding people to keep their bikes secure.

Although the theft of pedal cycles is down 28% this year - with five thefts in total - a number of recent thefts involved unsecured bikes.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Mal Wallace explained: "Bikes are often stolen from people's yards or gardens, so do remember to lock it, even when it's inside the shed or garage.

"We want to remind people when they're out on their bikes not to leave them unattended in the street , it only takes a few moments for an opportunist thief to help themselves to your bike.  Always keep it locked securely, even if you're just popping into a local shop.

"We want to reduce bike thefts and remind riders to keep their bikes secure at all times, to prevent opportunist thefts."

Advice for bicycle owners:

Always use a bicycle lock, even if  you're just leaving a bike for a short time
Remember if you keep your bike in a shed make sure that's secured too
Secure your bicycle with a good quality chain and padlock through the frame
Always do this, even if you're only leaving it for a short time in a public place
Chain your cycle to a secure item such as a metal fence or lamp post, to stop it being carried away.

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