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News Release

Police help residents protect property

Dated: 28 Feb 2012

© Northumbria Police

Residents have been protecting their property with the help of Northumbria Police.

Officers from the Newcastle West Neighbourhood Policing Team have been going door to door encouraging residents to register with a national property database.

The scheme - taking place in the Benwell Terraces in the west end - is part of an operation to prevent burglaries in the area.

The team take a state-of-the art property recording system - the Hermes kit - door to door in the area, chat  to residents about crime prevention and ask them to register their property.

Hermes is a portable netbook computer and barcode scanner configured as dedicated property recording consoles, and enables police to capture and instantly register personal property quickly, accurately and securely to its national database as well as national property register Immobilise.

It's hoped residents in the area will see the benefits of ensuring their property is easily identifiable if stolen and then later recovered.

PC Kelly Hetherington said: "People have expensive property inside their homes, including laptops, mobile phones, televisions and even bikes and it’s important they take security steps to protect it.

"We’ve been going door to door in the Benwell Terraces with a property registering kit, encouraging people to register their property.

"This sort of pro-active work is important to raise awareness about crime prevention and how to keep property safe from thieves and burglars.

"We’ll continue to work with the community to make sure crime in the west end keeps falling."

The scheme was put in place as part of an operation being carried out in Benwell to keep burglars at bay. At the end of 2011 the area had suffered a spate of burglaries but since the operation was implemented it has subsided.

Other actions include targeted high profile and plain clothes patrols, stinger houses and work with second hand shops.  

Councillor for the area Dipu Ahad added: "Burglaries have reduced significantly in the area across the Christmas period and I think this is another great initiative where residents will feel protected.

"New initiatives like this will ensure crime continues to fall in the west end. It's great to see the local community working closely with their local police officers."  

Registering with property database immobilise means when stolen property is recovered police can search the database to reunite it with its rightful owner. The more people who sign up and register their property the more difficult it is for thieves to gain from their crimes.

Photo shows CSO Stacey Reilly, Coun Dipu Ahad and local resident Shirley Bradley with the Hermes kit.

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