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Cadets at their peak

Dated: 12 Nov 2012

Cadets on their trek[View Full Size]

Northumbria Police Cadets rise to the challenge.

More than 120 cadets from the Northumbria Police Volunteer Cadets scheme have successfully completed their bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh walking and hill expeditions.

The cadets completed 14 expeditions over a span of 300 miles in areas such as The Cheviot Hills, Teesdale, the Lake District and the Scottish Borders.

The trek has helped the cadets learn vital skills such as map reading and camp craft and has helped develop their leadership, decision making and problem solving skills.

Sgt Alan Parks, force VPC coordinator said, " All of the cadets have worked very hard and demonstrated excellent teamwork.

"These are the sorts of activities that will help them develop as individuals and give them skills for life.

"The police leaders have also shown excellent dedication to help supervise the cadets and I thank them for their support. I would also thank the support and training provided by Wayout in Gateshead."

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