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Taxi Marshalls return to the coast

Dated: 19 Dec 2012

Taxi Marshalls[View Full Size]

Taxi Marshalls are once again returning to North Tyneside over the festive period to help Christmas revellers get home safely.

They will be operating at taxi rank queues in the busy seaside areas of Whitley Bay and Tynemouth assisting large queues of tired party-goers to get home quickly.

The scheme, funded by the North Tyneside Strategic Partnership, will operate at designated taxi ranks in South Parade and Front Street. It will run from Thursday, December 20, through to New Year's Day during the busy party season.

Whitley Bay Neighbourhood Inspector Jim Gray said: "We're pleased that once again the Taxi Marshalls are making a welcome return to the coast. They manage the large queues we get at the end of the night, helping people stay calm and in good spirits.

"The Taxi Marshalls work well alongside neighbourhood officers, members of the Pubwatch scheme and our Street Pastors who together help deliver a safe and enjoyable place for people to come and visit."

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