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Leave it on show and it could go

Dated: 21 Dec 2012

Insp Ian King with the Leave it on show crime prevention leaflets[View Full Size]

Leave it on show and it could go - that's the message from South Tyneside officers this Christmas as motorists continue to leave items on display in their cars.

Not only that, people are failing to lock their vehicles when leaving them unattended, making life even easier for thieves.

The warning comes following recent thefts in the Jarrow and Hebburn area.

Between 7pm, on Thursday, December 13 and 9am, on Friday, December 14, an iPod was stolen from an insecure car on The Cornfields, in Hebburn.

A sat nav, wallet and money was stolen from a van on Borough Road, Jarrow, between 9.10am and 9.20am on Friday, December 14.

Thieves also made off with a car radio from a vehicle between 7.30pm, on Friday, December 14 and 9.30am, on Saturday, December 15, from Bellona Close, Hebburn.

And the front window was smashed on another car, between 7pm, on Friday, December 14 and 9am, on Saturday, December 15, on Northbourne Road, Jarrow and a lap top bag and hard drive stolen.

Officers are stepping up patrols in the area and leaflets are being delivered offering crime prevention advice.

Activity also forms part of the Northumbria Police campaign 'Don't advertise to thieves - one chance is all they need' cracking down on acquisitive crime over the festive period.

Ian King, Jarrow and Hebburn Neighbourhood Inspector, said: "Thefts such as these are often opportunistic and could have so easily been prevented if the goods were removed from display.

"To have your vehicle unlocked and goods on show is giving thieves a massive helping hand. However, if they see something they like in a locked car, they will still gain access.

"Thieves can quickly force their way in and simply grab anything small, portable and valuable which has been left behind. Owners then have the problem of repairing the car and replacing the items which can be very expensive.

"Our advice is simple - don't leave anything on display. If you have a sat nav, remove the windscreen sucker and wipe away any tell tale signs which remain. 

"And remember, if a thief does get into your car then the glove compartment is the first place they'll look for something to steal so it's best not to leave any valuables behind.

"It takes minutes to make sure your vehicle is locked in a safe area and everything is out of sight before leaving it which could save a whole lot of heartache, irritation and financial stress for the owner."

To report suspicious activity, contact police on 101, extension 69191. In an emergency ring 999.

Further crime prevention advice is available via the Northumbria Police website:

Insp Ian King with the 'Leave it on show' crime prevention leaflets

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