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Police enforce Respect in North Shields

Dated: 18 Feb 2013

Police and council staff involed in Operation Respect.[View Full Size]

Police in North Shields paid early morning visits to households associated with crime and anti-social behaviour.

As part of Operation Respect, officers and representatives from North Tyneside Council Safer Estates Team visited ten addresses to issue notices informing the householders of eviction proceedings.

Their offences include drug cultivation, drug dealing, threatening behaviour and anti social behaviour.

The homes visited were in Wantage Avenue, Weyhill Avenue, St John's Street, Howdon Road, Devon Road, Taunton Avenue, Tiverton Avenue, and Blandford Road.
Four of those visited have also signed Acceptable Behaviour Agreements (ABAs).

Letters were delivered to neighbouring residents advising them of the joint action and encouraging them to report any further anti-social behaviour they witness.

Sergeant Guy Morgan of the North Shields Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "By working with the Council Safer Estates Team, we are able to take appropriate action against those who commit disorder or behaviour in an anti-social manner.

"The operation was initiated to help tackle youth anti-social behaviour in the Chirton Grange area following complaints by residents.

"This is an excellent example of police and partners taking positive steps to deal with anti-social behaviour. It serves as a warning to those who do intend to commit crime and disorder that we are watching and will take action.

"We are here to listen to the concerns of the community and with their feedback we are able to tackle any issues they may have."

Colin Boxshall, Safer Estates Manager, said: "These joint operations with the police are making a big difference within communities.

"They increase residents’ confidence in our ability to take effective action against the minority who make the lives of others a misery. 

"People who continue to engage in anti-social behaviour after receiving a warning risk losing their homes.

"We are committed in taking swift action to protect communities from anti-social behaviour and adopt a supportive approach to working with victims and witnesses."

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