Fingerprinting Services

The Visa Fingerprint Section will take fingerprints of members of the public who are currently residing in the UK, where they require Police Clearance and Good Conduct certificates from abroad.

We also provide fingerprints:

  • To obtain the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence to work within the security industry

  • For non-UK citizens to work with children in the United Kingdom

  • Foreign professional exams (i.e N-PLEX - nursing)

  • Working in the UK for countries that trade overseas

  • For customers undergoing adoption procedures abroad, particularly in the USA

  • For customers wishing to conduct business in or within the USA in various jobs or professions

  • For people who own racehorses that will be trained in the USA

  • For part of an evidence kit for people working in countries with unstable regimes.

What the Fingerprint Service does not provide

The Visa Fingerprint Section do not provide fingerprints for the following:

  • Any criminal proceedings

  • Passport validation

  • Character Enquiries / Identity Checks


To book an appointment for your fingerprints to be taken, you need to contact the Visa Fingerprint Office on Telephone number: 101 then ask for extension: 65028 for South Shields or 36236 for Forth Banks between the hours of 8:00am - and 4:30pm  Monday to Friday. The appointments line is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Once your appointment has been made the unit will confirm the date and time by email. You can also contact the unit by email to advise of non-attendance or request appointment changes.


Customers are required to make a payment for this service:

Please see ‘charging’ below for the cost of the fingerprints as you may have to pay tax, depending on the country requiring fingerprints.

When you ring to make an appointment the Visa Fingerprint Section will clarify the cost for you.

PLEASE NOTE:  We can only accept cash as payment, which must be the EXACT amount.

From a VAT point of view, the service can be split into two areas:

A. Business activity (VAT is applicable at standard rate), this is where an individual can get the service from police forces or other commercial entities of their choosing.

B. Non-business activity (Outside the scope of VAT), this is where the individual must get the fingerprint from a police force as specified in their VISA application. The countries requiring fingerprinting from the police are:

Abu Dhabi
St-Vincent and Grenadines
United Arab Emirates (UAE)


A. For all fingerprinting classed as business, the charge should be made plus VAT i.e. £74 + £14.80 VAT = £88.80

B. For Non-business VISA application, the charge should be £74 (no VAT) 

Documents required

Documents required by the customer should be the following:

  • Current passport or

  • Full new style UK Driving Licence with photograph and counterpart form D740.

  • Utility bill or bank statements to verify address

If your passport is being held by the Home Office, a letter and a photocopy of your passport is acceptable providing that it has been officially stamped. A covering letter on its own is not acceptable. You may also request for your passport to be released from the Home Office for 24 hours to enable your fingerprints to be taken.


If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact the cancellation line on : 101 then ask for extension: 65028 for South Shields or 36236 for Forth Banks as soon as possible. If you are phoning to cancel out of office hours, please leave a message on the answer phone. Please give us as much notice as possible.  You can also contact us via the mailbox.  A non arrival fee will be incurred if we are not informed.

SIA Licence

People working in the security industry, who have taken the SIA Course, will require their fingerprints to be taken in order to obtain their licence. Please see above for further information on how to make a booking.

You are required to bring along the following documents:

  • SIA Certificate or proof of completion of course

  • Current passport

Plus one of the following if applicable:

  • A covering letter from your employer, or if self employed, proof of business ownership

  • Security Work ID Pass with photograph

Fingerprint Forms

The Visa Fingerprint Section normally provides standard fingerprint forms, but in some cases the country (e.g. USA, Canada and Japan) or organisation who have requested your fingerprints require their own specific fingerprint forms which they will provide to you. Please bring any such forms with you.