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Northumbria Police is committed to tackling crime in your area.

We want to know what your issues are and how we can help solve them.

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You said, we did...

July 2014: Anti Social Behaviour

"We Asked"

We discussed with Councillors and Residents what issue was effecting them the most

"You said"

There has been an increase in Anti Social Behaviour in Crawcrook Park and The Willows in Ryton by young people causing general nuisance and drinking alcohol. There is also an issue with street lighting around Crawcrook Park raised by local residents.

"What we have done"

We have extra resources policing the park and we have met with local residents to discuss these concerns.

We have linked in with Local Councillors to address the lighting issue and hope that this will be repaired very soon.

Updates of the operation will be provided at local meetings and via community messaging. Updates will also be given online.

We will more importantly feed back to you direct the local community of what we have done to improve the situation and identify those causing these issues.

July 2014: Low level violence around Winlaton Garth

"We Asked"

We discussed with Councillors and Residents what issue was effecting them the most

"You Said"

There has been a slight increase in alcohol related violence both in and around local public houses and also in domestic situations within private residences. These have been reported around the Garth in Winlaton. This has caused concern to local residents about what the Police are doing to address these concerns.

"What we have done"

Local officers are patrolling the affected area to identify offenders and prevent further offences. Walkthrough of public houses are being carried out on weekends at The Garth, Winlaton and licensing offences enforced. Local Neighbourhood officers are carrying out re-visits to domestic violence victims in line with the Police and Crime Commissioners plan to reassure victims.

You will see officers deployed on foot in the Garth to provide reassurance to the local community.

Officers will give updates at local meetings as well as to the local community on the progress being made.

We will take robust action against offenders committing low level violence offences in your community.