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You said, we did...

You Said... Speeding

During January speeding motor vehicles still remained a Neighbourhood Priority as a result of correspondence from residents, and engagement days in the Morpeth sector towns and villages, where concern was raised in relation to speeding motor vehicles travelling through the same towns and villages across the sector.      

We Did...

Morpeth Neighbourhood Officers have provided a visible presence in and around the villages and locations that have been identified by the residents, at the times specified.
In January, officers have been out across the Morpeth sector on 28 different occasions.
On those occasions 1198 vehicle checks were conducted.
Of those checks, there were 3  warnings issued.  
The checks were conducted in Pegswood, A165 Stobhill Green Lane, Hepscott, Widdrington,  Longhorsley, Hebron, Mitford, Scots Gap, Cambo, Hartburn and Ulgham.

You said - Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

Residents in Morpeth, Widdrington, and Hadston have complained about anti-social behaviour causing a nuisance / disturbance and underage drinking in public places.

We Did...

In response to Community concerns Morpeth Neighbourhood officers have been tasked to provide high profile patrols at specific times in specific locations to:
- prevent anti social behaviour
- gather information
- enforce the law and deal with anti- social behaviour and criminal behaviour robustly
- provide reassurance to the public that their concerns are taken seriously   

Also, CSOs have worked with partners Community Safety and Trading Standards to tackle underage drinking and proxi sales of alcohol and Alcohol Watch has now been set up in Morpeth.   

During January 2014 there has been a slight increase in reported ASB in comparison to December 2013 in both non youth related and youth related ASB incidents.