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You said, we did...

You Said...ASB 


Residents and retailers in Morpeth Town Centre, have complained about youths causing a disturbance around The Riverside area and a nuisance at the rear of Morpeth retail stores by rummaging through the skip bins, throwing rubbish on the ground causing a mess with the litter.
Seasonal alcohol related anti-social behaviour in an around licensed premises.  


We Did...

In response to the Community concerns Morpeth Neighbourhood officers have been tasked to provide high profile patrols at specific times in the specific locations to:
- prevent anti social behaviour
- gather information
- enforce the law and deal with anti- social behaviour and criminal behaviour robustly
- provide reassurance to the public that their concerns are taken seriously   

Officers have reported offenders around The Riverside to Operation Dragoon where their vehicles are targeted and checked for offences.
Dispersal Orders under the new Anti-Socal Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 have been considered for the designated area where their behaviour is contributing or likely to contribute to members of the public being harassed alarmed or distressed and direction is necessary to remove or reduce the likelihood of ASB. As a result there has not been any reported nuisance in this area during December.

In relation to skip litter, Officers have reviewed CCTV and have identified the main offenders causing the litter around the retail skip bins. This evidence has been passed on to Northumberland County Council for prosecution of the offenders and there have been no reports of this nature throughout December.

Throughout December Morpeth NPT have run operations Garden City to tackle general ASB and Operation Ginsling to tackle alcohol related ASB around the festive night time economy.

Operation Ginsling focused officers to visit all licensed premises across the Morpeth sector to remind Licensees of their responsibilities in relation to the service of alcohol
- reinforce the legal requirements of a premises licence
- reduce alcohol related crime and disorder
- raise awareness and prevent exploitation of women and girls on a social night out

To compliment Operation Ginsling, Trading Standards in conjunction with Northumbria Police conducted test purchases at a number of on and off licence premises across Morpeth to assess compliance with the legal requirements of alcohol service to customers under age. All premises satisfactory complied with their licence.

In conclusion, during December 2014 there has been a 23% decrease in reported ASB in comparison to November 2014 by 30 incidents; 103 in comparison to 130; 90 of these were none youth related and 13 were youth related ASB incidents.
Overall, there has been an 17% reduction in ASB in December 2014 compared to December 2013; youth ASB showing a marked reduction of 56% where as none youth ASB remains the same as last year. 

The over all decrease in ASB is due to the specific operations targeting patrols of officers to hot spot locations and dealing robustly with target offenders.