About My Role

PC Glen Jackson

1790 PC Glen Jackson

My name is Glen Jackson and I am a Neighbourhood Beat Manager (NBM) for Bensham and The Avenues.
I joined Northumbria Police in December 1998 and have worked in Gateshead for my entire career.


Since joining the police I have spent five years on 24/7 response duties and 12 months in CID before joining the Central Neighbourhood Policing Team.


I have been working with the Central team since September 2004. During this time, I spent four years as part of the Community Action Team (CAT), which addressed disorder and crime in Bensham. The remainder of my time has been spent working as an NBM, covering The Avenues and Inventors.
Before joining the police I was in the Merchant Navy, travelling the globe.


I work closely with other agencies and I am keen to build close ties with the people who live and work here.  Please get in touch if you have any policing issues you want to bring to my attention, or if you would like advice on any policing issues. Use the 'Contact me' link on this page to send me your thoughts about policing in this area.


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