About My Role

PCSO Andrew Harrison

5390 PCSO Andrew Harrison

My name is Andrew Harrison and I work as a Police Community Support Officer in the Windy Nook and Felling areas.

I have three schools in my area which I visit on a regular basis, these being Windy Nook Primary, The Drive Primary and Fall Park Primary. One of the main reasons for visiting these local schools is so that young children do not feel afraid and concerned when they see a police officer in the street.

This will hopefully make us more approachable to them in the future. I am also going to try to arrange a series of events within the school around stranger danger, effective 999 call making, bullying and road safety. This will make sure that the children are knowledgeable of how to keep themselves safe and away from aspects of danger.

The main problems that I am trying to tackle in my area are off road motorcycling, under age drinking and anti-social behaviour.

To help me do this I attend the local councillors’ surgeries, as well as holding my own drop in centres throughout the Felling and Windy Nook areas.


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