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PC Paul Rutherford

635 PC Paul Rutherford

I joined Northumbria Police in 1996 having served six years in The Metropolitan Police.

I am responsible for the Beacon Lough Estate and Eighton Banks. I have previously worked in Whickham and Gateshead Central.

My role as a Neighbourhood Beat Officer is to meet the needs of the local communities in order to reduce crime and disorder and improve the quality of life for those living in this area.

These areas border on open land and the urban conurbation of Tyneside and consequently have unique problems.

I am very keen to see youth involvement in local issues and have worked closely with youths in the past organising football tournaments and have generally tried to encourage young people to take ownership of their problems.

It is my aim to ensure the best possible provision of police and other Community Safety services are given to this area.

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