About My Role

Chief Superintendent
Steve Neill (7284)

Chief Superintendent Steve Neill

The area is one of the safest in the country with consistently low levels of crime and I am determined to maintain this position.

It is important to me that my officers and staff talk to local people to find out what concerns them in their neighbourhoods, schools and their places of business so that I can take the right steps to deal robustly with crime and disorder.

My overall aim is to continue to reduce crime and disorder so that residents feel safe, have confidence in their local police, as well as helping us prevent crime by keeping their homes, cars and personal possessions secure.

Many of the issues we deal with depend on officers and staff working closely with our partners, particularly North Tyneside Council. We have built up many productive working relationships, which help us to deliver more effective policing services to local people.

I am committed to making sure that policing in North Tyneside is delivered to a consistently high standard and is easily accessible. Neighbourhood Policing is fundamental to my aims and I, therefore, urge local people to note who their local Neighbourhood Beat Manager is, in order to have a named contact for local issues.

If you have any concerns about crime and disorder in your neighbourhood, please contact your local policing team on 101 Ext 69191.

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