About My Role

PCSO Barry Elliott

6574 PCSO Barry Elliott

I am one of the Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) based in Cramlington.  I have been in this role since September 2005.

My role is to provide high visibility patrols within the community, to assist in the reduction of crime and disorder, and to provide public reassurance and community safety.

I have also been responsible for an initiative called 'Rhyme against Crime' in local schools. This initiative raises the awareness of pupils of the effects of crime and disorder within the community. I will be running this initiative again at the beginning of the new school year.

I have recently completed a British Sign Language course supported by Northumbria Police.  This has enabled me to communicate with the local deaf and hearing impaired community in Cramlington. 

PCSOs work within the community and were introduced to increase uniformed presence on the streets. Working alongside front line officers, PCSOs provide a visible and accessible uniformed presence, tackling anti social behaviour and other quality of life issues. They can deal with these issues as police powers are not necessary.

Communities have seen the benefit and impact through significant reductions in crime and disorder with a greater feeling of security and safety.

I am keen to build close ties with the people who live and work here so please do get in touch if you have any community issues you wish to bring to my attention.


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