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Our Commitment

Northumbria Police is committed to tackling crime in your area.

We want to know what your issues are and how we can help solve them.

You can view our commitment to you here.

You can contact us via the 'Feedback' link or you can call the police on:

Call 999 if there is any danger or risk to life or a crime in progress.

Call 101 for non-emergencies.
This is a general number to contact the police and request information or advice.

Text 07786 200 814 for non-emergencies.

How our priorities are agreed?

Police Officers at a public meetingHow do we prioritise?

Every issue you raise is taken seriously and we will jointly consider the actions police, partners and communities need to take to address them. These actions are considered at a problem solving meeting, following the monthly public meeting. Sometimes, you may raise too many issues for the resources available to really impact upon and we might need to discuss and agree on those which we can realistically tackle immediately.

After each public meeting, neighbourhood priorities are determined by considering all relevant information – from public meetings, private discussions with community members and information held by our partners.

The Neighbourhood Priorities are published on the website, along with what we and our partners are doing to address them. In line with our commitment to you.

How can I get involved?

You can attend one of the Public meetings arranged each month in your area. These meetings are advertised in advance, both on this website and locally. They provide an opportunity for you to tell us which issues within your community affect you most. Each meeting provides information on progress to tackle issues raised previously.

What if I cannot attend?

You can still contact your neighbourhood team to let them know your concerns. You can make contact by telephone on 101 ext 69191, letter or e-mail. In many areas, neighbourhood team officers arrange a series of surgeries where you can see a member of the team in private.


Feedback on issues raised at public meetings will always be given at future public meetings. It will also be provided directly to individuals concerned (where appropriate), through local media releases . A link on each page allows you to tell us what you think about the priorities in your neighbourhood and how you think we are addressing them.