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Police activity at Spittal Point, Berwick
05 Apr 15
Collision in Berwick
27 Mar 15
Burglary in Northumberland
23 Feb 15
Man dies in collision
21 Feb 15
Collision in Berwick
31 Jan 15

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Eileen Gillie - Convicted of Fraud/ Abuse of position
26 Mar 15
Connor Shell - Convicted of Drunk and Disorderly
26 Mar 15
Vadims Zembkovskis - Convicted of Drunk in charge of a pedal cycle
26 Mar 15

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Berwick Police Station

Berwick Police Station
Church Street
Berwick upon Tweed
TD15 1DZ

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Opening hours: Open 24 hours

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Inspector Davey Garrick Inspector Davy Garrick Neighbourhood Inspector

I am the Neighbourhood Inspector for Berwick of Northern Area Command.

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