The Chief Officer Team provides Northumbria Police with the leadership needed to ensure delivery of the force strategy.

Each member of the Chief Officer Team is designated with responsibility and leadership for key areas, ensuring policing, strategies and methods are developed to support the force in providing the service expected by its communities.

The team works with colleagues, the Police and Crime Commissioner, staff associations, external organisations, the Home Office, partners in the criminal justice system and the private business sector, to support the force as it serves Northumbria’s communities.


Chief Officer Team

ACC Keenen 2016

Winton Keenen

Chief Constable

ACC Best 2016

Darren Best

Temporary Deputy Chief Constable


ACC Rachel Bacon

Rachel Bacon

Assistant Chief Constable

ACC Rachel Bacon

Helen McMillan

Assistant Chief Constable
TACC Ged Noble

Ged Noble

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable