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PC Ross Turner

PC Ross Turner

I joined Northumbria Police in December 2000 and was posted to Etal Lane police station around May 2001. I stayed on 24/7 shift for around 3 years, before successfully joining the newly formed Neighbourhood team in April 2004. I spent the next year working with the community of Throckley and Newburn and gained invaluable experience with regards community issues and the multi agency approach that is still utilised today in respect of problem solving.

I also assisted and tutored the very first wave of PCSO's that arrived at Etal Lane. This was a rewarding time that allowed me to pass on a multitude of newly learnt skills.

In May 2005 I transferred to Market Street police station and back on to 24/7. Making the transition back to response policing was a challenge and learning the unique skills associated with city centre policing was one of the most rewarding times of my service so far.

In September 2009 I joined the Neighbourhood police team at Market Street and since that time I have been involved in tackling theft, shoplifting and theft from the person. Day time hours in the city centre are very busy with 25% of the total crime in Newcastle City Centre being shoplifting. I am part of a dedicated team of six officers who do their utmost to provide high visibility patrols, reassurance and advice to shops, their staff and customers. I am a dedicated point of contact for a variety of shops, crime prevention advice and associated stock loss issues are discussed regularly in order for the shops to provide the most efficient and enjoyable experience possible for their customers. The evenings are dominated in the City Centre by alcohol related incidents, not least the theft from the persons that take place in dark crowded bars.

Advice is handed out in every conceivable manner from one to one contact, reminding people of their obligation to be responsible and mindful of potential thieves, thus minimising the risk of them becoming a victim of crime. Every effort to educate our public is being made and liaison with partner agencies is ongoing, with every avenue being explored so that the persons visiting Newcastle leave knowing that this is a vibrant, safe city to enjoy.

My day to day duties will always involve high visibility patrols to help prevent and deter offences taking place and deal with those persons who persist in offending in a positive manner, so that crime and disorder can be reduced. By keeping the lines of communication open at all times with all of our partner agencies I hope to continue being part of the Neighbourhood team in Newcastle City Centre that reduces the fear of crime within the community.  

My role as a Neighbourhood Beat Officer is to meet the needs of local communities, uphold the protection of life and property, maintain peace and encourage the reduction or prevention of crime through:

  • The identification of problems of crime, disorder and other quality of life issues experienced by all sections of the local community, particularly vulnerable groups.

  • Involvement in problem solving initiatives aimed at addressing the underlying causes of many of these issues.

  • Provision of a highly visible uniformed presence, aimed at reassuring the local community and reducing the fear of crime.

I am keen to build close ties with the people who live and work here so please do get in touch if you have any policing issues you wish to bring to my attention. Anyone wishing to contact regarding any LGB&T related crime issues/concerns or advice can contact me by calling 101 and asking for extension 69191.

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